Date a man who loves you

Date a man who loves you. Meet him when you are hurt from your previous relationship and have lost all faith in love. This man will simply be a much needed listening ear at this point in time, a pillar of support as you become self-absorbed in your seemingly shattered world. As time progresses, he will become a strong presence in your life, an indispensable character as you find your feet amidst the chaos.  The man who loves you will summon the courage to ask you out, somehow managing to see some good in you when you are such a wreck. He will accompany you to specialist appointments without being prompted to, and entertain you with chess games when attending courses together. The man who loves you will tolerate your indecisiveness and contradictory nature, patiently navigating your quick temper and trying all means to make you happy. He will ignore the hurt from your constant nitpicking and reluctance to acknowledge the relationship, choosing to love you and be there for you. The man who loves you will be very persistent, believing in the relationship even when you have your reservations.

Date a man who loves you because he will love everything you hate about yourself. He will indulge you in your greediness, and find you beautiful, even at your worst. He will be patient, and sensitive. The man who loves you will blow dry your hair when you are tired, be extra quiet when you are asleep, bring out his secret stash of cashew nuts when you are hungry, and blow air at you when the weather is warm. He will take photos of you, and shop with you without complains. The man who loves you will love you entirely, unconditionally, even when you are difficult to love.

As your relationship progress with the man who loves you, don’t start taking him for granted. Don’t compare him with other guys who show love flamboyantly. He loves you in the simplest but most precious of ways. Ignore the lack of fireworks and unicorns and rainbows, passion is fleeting. Appreciate the stable relationship and honest communication, because sparks will fizzle but a strong foundation will never topple. Treasure the simple happiness when he sincerely finds you adorable, and be grateful for all the ways he accommodates you.

He is dependable, and with him, you know you will lead a lifetime of happiness. You will see the world with him and create wonderful memories together. You will support each other in your goals, and learn and grow together. You will celebrate milestones with pride, be comforted in the knowledge that he will be a wonderful parent. You will raise a happy family with him, and become those couples that are very much in love till the end.

Date that man who loves you, fall for him in a slow and steady way, build a foundation with him, and know how lucky you are to have found him.  Date the man who loves you, choose him and make him feel loved, because he deserves it.

— specially written for the boyfriend, who is such a man. I couldn’t be more blessed having you to love me. Happy 6 months!

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