POHtravels: Seoul Travelogue – 4D4N (Part I)

I fell in love with Korea after my first trip in mid-September 2013.
There is just something about the vibes of the place that makes me want to go back again and again.
The food, the people, the lovely tree lined streets… thinking about it just makes me so happy. 🙂

Imagine my joy when I chanced upon this Scoot promotion in October 2013! Return tickets to Seoul going for just slightly over $300 (inclusive of taxes)! SCORE!!

With cheap air tickets secured, the planning of the trip begins. (Have I mentioned how much I love planning itineraries?!)
Since most of the major tourist attractions in Seoul have been covered during the previous trip, the focus this time round was mainly on food, shopping, and all things relaxing!

4D4N Itinerary

4D4N Itinerary

 Spa On Air

One minor problem about budget flights is the poor flight timings. For this trip, my flight was scheduled to arrive in Seoul at 10:35 pm, making it too late to catch the airport shuttle bus to town. Not wanting to cab (since I was alone and cab fares to town will cost approximately SGD70) and looking to save money on accommodation, I decided to just spend the night at the airport.

Introducing SPA on Air  – a jimjilbang (spa) located in Incheon Airport. Not only will your luggage be properly looked after, you will be able to experience the jimjilbang culture in Korea – having showers, baths and saunas in birthday suit (not that I was looking forward to this) and sleeping on floor mats. Best of all, it was very reasonably priced! An overnight stay will set you back just 20,000 krw (approx SGD25).

Spa on Air (B1, Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal)

After making payment for the night, I was given two (really tiny) face towels, a set of ‘uniform’, and a key for the shoe and clothes lockers. The jimjilbang was definitely no where as spectacular as the Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa), but it was plenty sufficient for a comfortable night’s rest – with separate dressing rooms, showers, hot and cold baths, dry and wet sauna, and a common sleeping area. And despite my initial apprehension, being in the nude in front of others wasn’t so bad, especially when other ladies were strutting around like it is the most natural thing on Earth. Guess it helps that I will never see them again after that day!

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