POHtravels: Taipei Travelogue – 2D2N (Part III)

Day 2 was designated as a chillax day – a welcomed rest after the long day of travelling the day before.

Complimentary breakfast at Inhouse hotel. My pick: French toast and egg served with maple syrup and milk tea (I requested to exclude the sausages)

Complimentary breakfast at Inhouse hotel. My pick: French toast and egg served with maple syrup and milk tea (I requested to exclude the sausages)



We started our day at Yong Kang Street – a destination famed for its wide selection of eateries ranging from good old hawker style noodles establishments to classy themed cafes.

Yong Kang beef noodles (永康牛肉面)

Our first stop – the famous Yang Kang beef noodles. Thankfully for us, there was not much of a queue when we reached about 11am.

Yummy beef noodles at 永康牛肉麺館 (No. 6, Alley 4, Lane 148, Section 2, Xìnyì Rd, Daan District)

Yummy beef noodles at 永康牛肉麺館 (No. 17號, Lane 31, Section 2, Jīnshān South Rd, Daan District)

One of the must-eats in Yong Kang, the beef noodle truly lived up to its name. As I don’t eat beef due to religious reasons, I was only able to try the soup, which was perfectly unami – rich and satisfying. The bf loved it and felt that it trumps Ding Tai Feng’s braised beef noodles.

Patisserie La Douceur

After a satisfying brunch/lunch, we set off to our next location – Patisserie La Douceur, a gorgeous minimalistic cafe. I spent quite some time drooling over the wide variety of sweet treats before deciding on a mont blanc (sponge cake covered with chestnut mousse) while the bf chose a tiramisu dessert that came in the form of a huge macaron. My mont blanc was really really good! The mousse has a distinct chestnut flavour and was not overly sweet, and the sponge cafe was so soft and lovely. I didn’t really try the tiramisu as I am not a fan of coffee, but it sure is pretty! Wish we have more tummy space to try out more of their desserts!

La Douceur Patisserie

La Douceur Patisserie

Yummy gorgeous desserts at La Douceur Patisserie

Yummy gorgeous desserts at La Douceur Patisserie

Japanese matcha cafe (not it’s real name)
On our way to  Patisserie La Douceur, we stumbled upon this quaint Japanese cafe specialising in matcha desserts. Being a lover of anything matcha, there was no way that I will pass up this cafe. And so, despite being sugar-high and contented after our visit to Patisserie La Douceur, we made our way there excitedly for 2nd round of desserts. So thankful that I have a bf who is willing to indulge with me! ❤



Chillaxing with kindle - SUCH IS LIFE!:)

Chillaxing with kindle – SUCH IS LIFE!:)

The matcha desserts truly hit the mark! Looking at the pictures now, I can’t help craving for the matcha yuzu tart! Such an amazing pairing – matcha fragrance with refreshing yuzu flavour, firm buttery tart base, and soft rich mousse. *sighs* If only I can turn back time.

I can’t recall the name of the cafe and googling didn’t churn out any proper results (for once). But the cafe should be easy to find! Look out for it along the same street as Patisserie La Douceur.

This concludes our food adventure in Yong Kang Street. For a more comprehensive guide to the eats in Yong Kang Street, check out this and this.

Strolling along..

Strolling and burning off some food before more eating 🙂


Our last formal food stop for the day is 聚火锅, a steam-boat franchise well-known for it’s high quality ingredients and kelp soup base. I made reservations in advance as they are often fully booked.

Wide variety of vegetables

Wide variety of vegetables

Part of our spread!

Part of our feast


Their set menu comes with a wide selection of food. You get to choose from 5 kelp soup bases (original, tomyum, milk, herbal and miso), a choice of mains (beef, pork, chicken, seafood, beef/pork and pork/chicken), vegetables platter, plum vinegar -refillable (to cleanse the palate), a speciality item (homemade meat/vegetable balls, bacon tofu etc), choice of carbs (rice, udon or japanese sweet potato noodles) and dessert (black sesame creme brulee, matcha glutinous rice balls, chinese black fungus). The soup base was seasoned just right, lightly imparting the ingredients with flavour yet not overwhelming them. The ingredients were fresh, the speciality items delicious. I also couldn’t stop drinking the refreshing plum vinegar! Besides the food, the service was awesome. Friendly and quick to help, our waitress has a smile on her face all the time, adding to a truly satisfying dining experience. Super recommended!

After so much feasting, we slowly walked back to the hotel and spent the rest of the night exploring Ximending. We tried the famous 阿宗面线 (which was absolutely delicious with vinegar and chilli), 豪大大鸡扒 (huge fried chicken chop could never go wrong for the bf), grilled mochi (near The Body Shop), before our stomachs started protesting.

A FOODfilling weekend trip indeed 🙂

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