Mastering boiled eggs

It took longer than I am willing to admit to learn the proper way to boil eggs. Growing up, my concept of boiling eggs meant putting them in a saucepan filled with tap water and boiling them to death for 15 mins or more. Grey-rimmed dry yolks and rubbery whites are all I have ever known; I could never understand how anyone would enjoy boiled eggs. It wasn’t till one fateful day in a ramen shop that my relationship with boiled eggs changed forever.

POHcooks: Ajitsuke Tamago (Japanese marinated soft-boiled egg)

POHcooks: Ajitsuke Tamago (Japanese marinated soft-boiled egg)

Ajitsuke Tamago. An egg. A boiled egg. A simple marinated boiled egg but oh so delicious! Its exterior so smooth and shiny, gleaming with a tinge of brown from the marinate; its egg white firm yet not tough and unwieldy;  most importantly, the yolks. Oh the creamy melty delicious golden yolks! I was hooked. I was obsessed. Be it soft-boiled eggs, or hard-boiled eggs, I was determined to learn to make them perfectly.


Some research and testing and a lot of eggs-eating later, my trusted method to boiling eggs was born.

Good quality medium sized eggs* at room temperature
*I use eggs weighing about 60g. For larger eggs, you might need to add 30 – 60 seconds to the time

1) Bring water to boil in a pot. (Ensure there is sufficient water to fully submerge the eggs.) Reduce the heat to a gentle simmer and carefully lower the eggs into the pot.
2) Set your timer:
5 mins** – For soft-boiled egg with runny yolk: Most of the white is set and the yolk is runny enough to flow  (to pair with toast soldiers)
5 mins 45 seconds – For egg with thick and creamy yolk: The white is fully set while the yolk is thick and creamy (for the making of Ajitsuke Tamago (above) or enjoyed with noodles)
8 mins – For hard-boiled eggs: The egg is fully hard-boiled, with a firm white and opaque yolk
3) Transfer the eggs into a bowl of tap water till it is cool enough to handle. Lightly tap the shell with the back of a spoon till the whole shell is fragmented and peel them gently. Peeling the eggs under running water will allow the shell to slip off easily.
**Eggs boiled for less than 5 mins will be tough to peel

Soft-boiled eggs - 5 mins

Soft-boiled eggs – 5 mins

5 mins 45 secs

5 mins 45 secs

Trust me. This method works, every time.

Any other tried and tested methods of boiling eggs?:)

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