POHtravels: Taipei Travelogue – 2D2N (Part I)

I recently came across this article that made me chuckle.

“5. Travel with an auditor because they would have nailed down the planning for the trip way in advance.

…Therefore, my astonishment was only natural when Friend H suggested using an excel sheet to plan for our trip to Korea. Using her very nifty screenshot tool, screenshots of airline tickets, hotel bookings and sights soon populated the spreadsheet a matter of minutes.

…Friend S took things to a whole new level. I guessed he had to because it was planning for the Trans Siberian, and planning was paramount. Just like Friend H, he used a spreadsheet, only this time it had several more tabs, of a calendar, budget list, hotel, transport and sight-seeing. 

I am exactly like that. No matter the length of the trip, excel spreadsheets will be prepared way in advance, detailing the itinerary, flight and accommodation details (complete with screenshots of booking confirmations), maps of every place to be visited, the budget, food places (with blog references and reviews) and more.  I am most definitely not a spontaneous traveler. But I like it like that. It gives me great joy to personally experience places previously only existent in photos, and to taste for myself meals that I could only drooled upon from behind the computer screen.  All the research allows me to know the country better before going, ensuring that I don’t miss out on must-go locations, and simply makes the trip more fulfilling.

During the Christmas season last year, Scoot had air tickets to several countries going for  a mere… ZERO dollars. Being the aunty well-informed wanderlust budget traveler I am, I snapped up tickets to Taipei for a weekend trip immediately. Yes, a really short 2 days 2 nights trip – partly because I wasn’t sure I was able to take leave from work, mostly because I felt the return trip ticket costing $65 (taxes and surcharge) is well worth even that short a getaway.

The planning of the trip proved to be easy; the short time frame meant that there was nothing much we could do besides eat, and  it helped that I had already been to Taipei once and had mostly covered the main tourist attractions. With that in mind (and being a greedypok anyway), I set out to fit as many meals into the itinerary as possible, making sure to set aside time to visit jiu fen (my favourite place in Taipei!) and shi fen (to light the sky lanterns).
And that brings me to what I was talking about earlier..

Spreadsheets, itinerary planned down to the hours, maps

Spreadsheets, itinerary planned down to the hours, maps

The itinerary

The itinerary




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