Hosting a birthday party for the first time (Part II) – Party Day

Having done most of the prep the night before, I was pretty chill coming into the day of the party. The cooking went mostly as planned, and with the help of the bf, everything was set up perfectly before everyone came.

CAM00298 CAM00299

The mains

The mains


Roasted mushrooms with chives


Birthday ladies!


Shakshuka (with eggs added in shortly before the guests arrived)

  IMG-20140226-WA0001 IMG-20140226-WA0002

Serving the sunny-side up

Serving the sunny-side up

The friends seemed to enjoy the food, and the background jazz music created a relaxing cafe ambience. Everyone had fun just eating and chatting, and it makes me really happy seeing the party progress smoothly.

1891284_10151980285706158_1701582532_n 1947323_10151980289481158_804480494_n
Cheers to a successful mini party and more to come!:)

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