Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

1135pm (12am)
135am (205am)
355am (420am, 455am)*
630am (720am)

*宝贝 actually managed to self soothe to sleep but kept waking up grunting and farting. 😔 After a few rounds of waking and self soothing, he got the hiccups so I ended up latching him back to sleep.

Tried getting 一粒 to self soothe for his first nap and it was quite a disaster. Placed him on the bed at about 905am after feeding and it seemed like everything was going ok because he wasn't crying and was just eheh-ing around. This continued for a good 10 mins before the eheh started escalating into cries and then wails. Gosh. No choice but to pick him up to comfort him.

Next few attempts to latch him and put him down awake but drowsy failed miserably. He would open his eyes super wide accusingly once his body touches the bed before wailing immediately. 😥 No window of calmness for self soothing at all. Guagua. Finally got him to take his nap at 1010am.

宝贝 woke up less than 30mins into his nap and didn't manage to self soothe to sleep. 救命啊. Decided to bring him out to play at 1045am since technically he has been "sleeping" since 9am.

12:35 – 宝贝 still hasn't slept even though I have been trying various methods since 1130am. Sigh. Super cranky and kept crying – must be overtired but nothing I do helps. Even my default latching didn't work. Passed him to husby and he seems calm for now.

14:50 – 宝贝 is finally sleeping after a few rounds of ding dong between the husby and me. What worked in the end was me cuddling him upright and swaying side by side while simultaneously singing twinkle twinkle little star for a good 5 to 10 mins. Oh my poor lower back. Not celebrating yet because…

15:10 – Yepps. Le baby is awake and crying again. 😥

17:05 – Side latched him to sleep just now while I took a much needed nap too. He is still asleep. 😶

17:45 – Switched on the lights to wake him up since it has been far too long a nap and I am afraid that it would affect his bedtime.

Drinking Oppa Gangnam style 😁

Yay he finally takes to the bottle! Gave him 50ml ebm pre-bath and another 100ml after his bath hoping that it would knock him out.

Didn't work. 😶
Ended up latching him at 655pm. Decided that it was taking way too long after 20 mins (even though for the most part he was fervently drinking) so I just plonked him on the bed hoping he would self soothe.

It appeared to work for a while; he was actually quiet for a good 10 mins just rubbing his eyes and head. But instead of falling asleep his movements got more and more agitated. Guess he hasn't learnt how to self soothe yet or is not used to having his arms out of the swaddle?

Swaddled him fully after that and it only took 5 mins of latching before he fell asleep at 745pm.

Today's dinner of roasted pork belly and oyster sauce kai lan

Om nom~


Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

1040pm (1100pm)
115am (230am)*
440am (455am)
540am (555am)
640am (725am)

*For some reason it took awhile to get him back to bed for this session. He was fussing quite a bit. The poopy diaper change probably woke him up.

The wake times actually seemed pretty similar to the night before. He once again did his poonami at the 640am wake, only today it was accompanied by a golden shower that took me a long time to clean up. 😅

宝贝 woke up for the day at 8am, same time as yesterday. Started to prep him for his nap with a feed at 850am after some gym time + tummy time and a poo. He only manage to doze off at 935am and woke shortly after from drilling works that is ongoing. 😐 Sigh. Latched him again and he fell asleep at 10am, only to wake up at 1030am.

Short nap – Overtired?

Going forward I would try not to feed him in the dark so that he won't take so long. He usually only need a few minutes to latch to sleep.

But of course I am supposed to wean him off that. 😅 This is really problem that I don't know how to resolve. Should I leave one arm out when swaddling so that he can learn to self soothe? But he has yet to learn to suck his hands. 🤔

Anyway I extended 一粒's nap the only way I knew how. He slept for another hour till 1145pm yay!! Total nap time 1h 45mins with one disruption in between.

Morning gym time

He can flap at the hanging leaf on the owlie now!

"Mama my head is very heavy leh…"

It took 20 mins of latching to get him to nap at 115pm, and another 20 mins of latching to get him back to sleep when he woke up mid-nap at 155pm. 😣 This is why sleep training is inevitable. I can't possibly spend a huge portion of the day just latching him and getting him to sleep. There's housework to be done, meals to prep, and I would appreciate some me-time!

ZOMG. 一粒 successfully self soothed back to sleep!! He was wehwehing again mid-nap so I went in and released his arms from the swaddle. He continued fake crying* for a few more minutes then… Silence. 😱😱😱 Is that all it takes?? I really hope it is not just a fluke.

*I could tell it was fake crying because it was just random weh wehs with pauses in between then another few half-hearted wehs lol.

15:10 – 一粒 is up from his nap officially! Almost 2 hours with 2 wakings in between.

Stir fried asapargus with scallops (noobcook) and shrimp omelette for lunch!

Om nom~

Face after pooping

17:00 – Just side latched 一粒 to sleep. Started getting him to nap at 420pm and tried letting him self soothe by only latching him for a few minutes and putting him on the bed awake but drowsy. Did this twice but failed both times because he was agitated by spit ups and a huge burp that was trapped in his tummy. Don't think the self soothing earlier was a fluke though. On both occasions he almost fell asleep if not for the discomforts.

Today was not a very good day sleepwise. He woke up at 630pm after taking really long to nap. Tried putting him down for bed time at 720am but he was very cranky and fussing a lot. Seems like he has bad case of reflux today; kept spitting up and squirming around.

Just when I thought things were going well, today's naps were all over the place again. Hopefully it would go back on track again tomorrow! 🤞🏻

21:00 – 宝贝 still hasn't slept. I am quite upset really. 😣 Hopefully his digestive issues would be gone tomorrow. No more cranky and fussy baby and long nursing sessions please!

Vinegar braised chicken and stir fried baby kai lan for dinner (at 915pm when 宝贝 is finally asleep 😶)


Not ready to sleep train

Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

1005pm (1035pm)
1205am (1235am)
3am (330am)
520am (540am)
640am (720am)

Still waking up a bit too frequently but at least it doesn't take long to settle him. Wondering if it's because my milk is not filling enough to sustain him for long? I am pretty sure he is getting in a full feed (at least 120ml) each time. The milk I pumped recently seems thinner than it used to be. 🤔

宝贝 officially woke up at 8am for the day, full of smiles as usual! 😍 Because he was latching so frequently in the past few hours, he wasn't hungry when he woke up and didn't really wanted to latch. Tried bottle feeding him 100ml of ebm after he did a real majestic poop but he kept using his tongue to push the teat out or gag, seemingly forgetting how to suckle the bottle teat. Took me 15mins to coax him to drink just 50ml.

Not sure if he was just not hungry or rejecting the bottle. He was willing to latch when I offered him a boob though. Shall try again later!

Anyway I only managed to get him to nap at 945am even though I started trying since 850am. 😶 Was partly my fault though. Thought he appeared to be in a good mood so wanted to try out the PUPD method. Ended up doing 3 rounds of 3 mins of crying before I cannot take it and latched him to sleep instead. Sighpie.

My two loves yesterday 😍

11:30 – 宝贝 is awake! That's a 1h 45mins nap. Since it is over an hour, guess the WT is just nice? But should I count from when I start putting him down at 850am or when he is actually asleep? 🤔

Love it when he takes his naps. Gives me time to get things done! Was able to make black beans pork ribs soup for lunch and braised vinegar chicken for dinner during his first nap today.

Tried offering him the remaining 50ml of ebm just now but he choked on it just after drinking 10ml and looked absolutely miserable. Decided to just boob him instead. 😶😶

Black beans pork ribs soup and stir fried baby kai lan

宝贝 gazing adoringly at his papa 😍

Melatonin Production

Wah this seems quite accurate for 一粒. He is sleeping much better after we ensured that there's almost total darkness for his sleep environment. He would also have the longest stretch of sleep after bedtime before midnight, and subsequently would wake up every 2 hours and then hourly after 5am.

Put 宝贝 down for his nap at 1245pm as he was showing tired cues (rubbing his eyes, yawning). Took only 5 mins of latching before he knocked out. He's awake now at 230pm. Another 1h 45mins nap clocked yay!

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza earlier to open an OCBC Mighty Savers account for 一粒 to deposit his angbao money. Plan to do so till he is 21 years old when we would handover the account to him as a gift, just like what my parents did for me. 😊 We also had mucho 收获 from NTUC Finest and bought a book for 一粒 from Popular too!

Oh and we tried the new MacDonald's chocolate pie and it's so shiok! The chocolate filling is rich and melty and surprisingly not too sweet. 🤤

宝贝 slept intermittently in the Tula from 345pm till 545pm. Carrier sleep is definitely not restful sleep with the movement and environmental noises.

It took longer to get 一粒 to sleep during bedtime today. Gave him his last feed after his bath at about 635pm and only successfully put him down on the bed at 705pm. Before that he was fussing around like before. That was not the end though. He woke up mere mins later and I latched him again and tried to put him down on the bed at 720pm.

He was eheheh-ing and I gave a little sigh in my heart and was all prepared to pick him up again. But it seemed like the eheheh wasn't going to escalate into a wail so I just sat on the floor and used the cctv monitor to look at him (the room was in total darkness so I can't really see him). When his left hand popped out of the swaddle I was thinking "die liaoo, confirm will wake him up even more" but omg he actually just continued ehehehing for a few more mins and.. FELL ASLEEP ON HIS OWN. 😱

Is this a sign that he is ready for sleep training??

He woke up at 835pm though (false start?) and I had to latch him for about 5 mins to get him back to sleep since he was getting more and more agitated instead of self soothing.

This is so confusing. I am guessing that it took longer to get him to bed today because his last nap was a bit too long or that his wake time after the last nap was too short. But false starts suggest that the WT before bedtime is too long. Hmm 🤔

Today's dinner of braised sweet potato noodles with chicken and mushrooms, stir fried chye sim

Mmm! Love the texture of the noodles!

Om nom~

Yummy japanese sweet potato mochi icecream for dessert 😍

My sweet tooth is really uncontrollable lately. Craving for cake/ ice cream everyday. Yesterday I had a Bake cheesetart and shared a Cedele matcha chocolate cake and sea salt caramel cheesecake with the husby. 😶 And the past week I ate ice cream/ cookies every single day.

Die liao. Like that how to lose the last bit of pregnancy weight??

And I just bought more cookies yesterday. Guaguagua.


I am not ready

I have decided not to start sleep training tomorrow.

As mentioned yst, I am not mentally prepared to go through with it. I also don't feel like I am armed with sufficient knowledge yet. Don't want to end up doing it half-heartedly and let 一粒 cry for nothing with no progress.

Shall continue focusing on getting him on a good routine first and try not to latch him to deep sleep for a start while I continue doing my homework! And I definitely need husby to be at home if I want to sleep train.


Preparing for Sleep Training

I am almost afraid to jinx it by penning it down, but last night was the best night we had in awhile.

After the bedtime struggle from 6pm, 一粒 finally slept at 10pm and only woke at 110am. THREE WHOLE HOURS! Haven't had that in a long while. He then went back to sleep about 2am (that's because I was waiting for him to poop since he was grunting away. On hindsight I would have just swaddled him back since he didn't end up pooping) and woke up at 4am.

Side latched him and he fell asleep. Woke up again about 530am, did a super huge poop (must be all the night poops consolidated 😆), latched him again and placed him on the bed while he was still awake and… HE FELL ASLEEP ON HIS OWN. ZOMG?

The only difference I did so far was to make sure that the room is in total darkness. We used to keep the toilet light on (door closed, but door has semi opaque glass panel) as a night light and I think it is disrupting his sleep.

Was reading up on sleep training and realised that having even a night light on inhibits the production of melatonin. Decided to switch it off for the night and omg he really fell asleep more easily and for longer periods. Hoping that this change is permanent! 🤞🏻

There's so much information on sleep training that I think it would take some time to read and digest everything. Right now I shall start on getting 一粒 to be an independent sleeper while concurrently trying to work on his scheduling.

一粒 woke up at 850am just now! I had so much free time I didn't know what to do with it. Ate breakfast, did some yoga, and spent the rest of the time peering at him on the cctv monitor and wondering when he would wake up. 😂

Fed him both boobs when he woke up but he still seemed very tired (falling asleep at boob, yawning, rubbing his face) so I tried to get him back to sleep by swaddling him and putting him on the bed. Didn't work because although he didn't cry, he wasn't calm.

He was grunting all the way and it turned out he needs to poop. Changed his diaper and try to get him to bed again and this time aiyoh. Cry the house down. Let him wail for 3 mins, tried to comfort him, but he would start wailing whenever I place him on the bed. 😔

It's 1040am now and I am latching him to sleep since he is definitely overtired already. First ST attempt – Fail. And first nap is supposedly the easiest to get him to sleep independently. 😶

12:10 – 宝贝 just woke up from his nap! Just nice 1.5 hours. He looks sleepy though. Is he still confusing day and night?

宝贝 slept in the tula from 1250pm to 150pm while we went to visit our friends!


Born 6 days apart!

宝贝 slept in the tula intermittently from 3pm to 445pm when we went Vivocity to window shop and have cake! He cried murder in the Grabcar home though. Poor baby, must be hungry since the last feed was almost 3 hours ago!

Latched him and started preparing him for bed at 530pm with a bath, lullaby to calm him down, and a feed to sustain him for the night. Figured he might need an early bedtime since carrier naps are not as restful as still naps.

宝贝 is down for the night (🤞🏻🤞🏻) at 710pm after a couple of false starts (waking within 10 – 20 mins) after putting him on the bed. There's a huge improvement in latching time though. It only took 3 – 5 mins of latching each time to get him to sleep instead of hours like before.

Still far from sleep training with the latching to sleep part/ napping in carrier part and the co-sleeping. More like a trial to slowly eliminate the obstacles to being sleep trained.

I feel like I am not mentally prepared (yet) for sleep training though. Besides all the crying which is definitely going to be heartbreaking, I am afraid that him not being able to nap independently/ sufficiently for the first trial will result in overtiredness which will affect his ability to sleep independently during the next nap and so on and so forth. Vicious cycle (恶性循环) you know. I don't think I can deal with a fussy/ upset baby for a whole day and more. 🤔

Will probably start sleep training on Monday since we are going out tomorrow and I would need a few consecutive days of staying at home for consistency. Shall continue focusing on recovering 一粒's sleep debt tml!

Thinking of using the PUPD method since it seems to be the most age appropriate. Don't think I can bear to let him cry for 10 mins at a time for the Check and Leave method anyway. 😶

Comparison of sleep training methods.

Troubleshooting Naps Length

For my own reference.

False Starts

And this.

False starts are a result of bed times being not early enough after the last nap.

Wake Times

Taken from: http://www.mybabysleepguide.com/2009/02/wake-time.html?m=1

The first nap in the morning is one of the main times a baby usually stays awake for less time compared to other times of the day (usually 15-60 minutes less). 

For 一粒's age, estimated wake time is about 1h to 1h15mins.



宝贝 woke up at 12am after finally managing to sleep at 1130pm. 😶 Luckily it didn't take too long to get him back to bed. He then woke up at 140am, 240am, 340am and 515am thereafter. 💤💤 Good thing it doesn't take more than 15 mins to settle him each time, except the last wake up where I knew he was going to poop. Got the husby to accompany him to gek his poop and change diaper while I try to take a nap. 宝贝果然 did a huge load and now he's back in my arms latching to sleep!

We made him sleep like us – on a big pillow and covered with our duvet while he tries to poop. So cute can! 😁

Another cranky + poopy morning!
一粒 only took an hour's nap from 930am to 1030am after I side latched him. Other times he was either fussing or pooping. 😥 Luckily the husby is home today so I at least get to take a shower before my gynae appointment later. Gosh.

宝贝 slept in the tula from 1230pm to 130pm (at home with husby's help) and 245pm to 430pm when we went to the gynae. Trying to get him to sleep now but seems like its gonna take awhile again. 😶 He's definitely overtired but it's really so hard to get him to nap. Especially when his pooping frequency is off the charts these few days.


03:20 – 一粒 is looking at me with wide alert eyes now. Can close your eyes please 宝贝! Mama looking forward to getting back to dreamland!

一粒 woke up at 1110pm and 1240am prior to this 2plus am wake. Me so tired. 💤💤

04:50 – 一粒 is still awake. 😩 He took v long to kick around and 酝酿 his bigbig poop and then after that he was cranky and didn't want to latch till now.

05:15 – Almost 3 hours liao… 我的天啊!

07:20 – Handed 宝贝 over to the husby around 6am so that I could take a short nap. Woke up to 一粒 wehwehing 10 mins ago. 😥 Managed to latch him to sleep but mere mins later he fidgeted himself awake again because he had to poop. 😩

Latching now and hoping he sleeps soon!

08:00 – FINALLY. The amount of sleep he gets/ time he sleeps revolves around his bowel movements. What kind of routine is this? 😶


Literally shitty routine. 😂

08:15 – ok nevermind… He's awake again.

Only managed to get 一粒 to take a nap around 1020am by rocking him. Ended up letting him sleep on my chest (a first! He usually hates it) while I took a nap too. 😁 The nap only lasted an hour but hey, I would take it!

Tummy time! Today he held his head up for almost 2 mins (estimated)! 😁

Impossible to get a non-blurry photo with his head bobbing away though.

宝贝 took his 2pm nap on my chest as well. Side latched him for his 3pm nap (总之 these few days just glue myself to him) where I fell asleep. Woke up an hour plus later to him still latching so I totally have no idea if he slept at all. 😂

22:10 – Wah today is really a record breaking poopy day. We have been trying to get him to sleep since 6pm to no avail. Think he was uncomfortable cuz he needs to poop? Changed two big dirty diapers in between and after each time he would be very alert and subsequently cranky. 😥

There's really a pattern to it.

Poop > alert but zen/ stoning > shy smile and small cooing > whine > cranky > wail when not carried/ when forced to latch (would even gag) > zen (once carried upright) > finally willing to latch > dozing off

And this can take hours. 😥

Le small cooing phase

Passed the baton/ baby to the husby for 15 mins in between so that I can get dinner on the table.

Ipoh Horfun

23:30 – FINALLY OMG. 累死我


(continued from yesterday)

一粒 woke up at 450pm and didn't sleep at all till 715pm. 😶 It's interesting how he would still only sleep after 7pm even when I started putting him to bed earlier and gave him 50ml of ebm to hasten the process. No idea if it's the earlier bedtime or bad dreams but he woke up at 930pm wailing, which was at least half an hour earlier than usual.

Managed to get him back to bed at 10pm phew. And he slept till midnight!

Last night's dinner of steamed snapper and stir fried emperor veg

Om noms~

Endng off with this yummy sweet potato icecream!

宝贝 went back to bed at 1am, woke up at 230am, fell asleep shortly at 250am, and had bouts of fitful sleep from then till 5am where he woke a few times.

Did a poonami and started partying again. Full on alert mode with plenty of smiles and cooing. *Heart melts* 😍 Couldn't resist and responded to him anyway even though I am not supposed to. 😁

Finally got him to sleep about 620am and he woke up at 750am.

Thought he's up for the day already but he wasn't very responsive and was yawning away. Changed his diaper and decided to swaddle him and try to get him to continue sleeping. He latched and fell asleep at 850am, only to wake up a mere 10 mins later. 😩 He's still tired and cranky though. Suspected that the husby woke him up with his cough.

14:25 – The whole morning was a disaster napwise. 一粒 didn't sleep more than 20 mins at a time and afterwards it would take ages to coax him to sleep. He is obviously overtired but somehow can't seem to stay asleep. Whywhywhy? 😩

15:00 – He is still in my arms now.

一粒 really can't stop latching today. 😩
Could it really be due to the developmental leap? He has been gripping on to me/ my clothes as well. 😶

Any mummies experienced this when your baby is 8 weeks old?


宝贝 only slept at 730pm. 😶 I was super tensed while cooking dinner because I could see from the cctv that his left arm had escaped from the swaddle and that his arms and legs were jerking in such a kua zhang manner that it looked as if he was going to wake up any time. Thankfully he slept through it all and only woke up at 930pm when we were done with dinner! 💪🏻

Today's dinner of fermented beancurd braised pork belly and stir fried chye sim.

New toy for the obsessed mama. 😁😍


宝贝 slept at 730pm and woke up at 1020pm yesterday. This part of the night, like clockwork always. 👍🏻 It didn't take long to get him back to sleep. He was back in bed by 11pm!

But after that was the middle of the night nightmare again. Woke up at 1230am, pooped, and became super cranky. Nothing seemed to be able to stop him from crying for almost an hour… He finally settled down and is now latching. Please sleep soon baby! 🤞🏻(Time check: 2am)

Being cute before he was not. 😅

Just pooping!

04:50 – 宝贝 just did a majestic poop. 😅 His bowel movements really need to find a better time man. Was hoping to get him back to bed asap after he woke up at 410am but it looks like another hour-long wake time again. Side latched him and he finally slept at 520am only to wake up at 610am. 😩

Managed to sort of pacify him by stuffing my boob into his mouth every time he whines but it stopped working at 645am when he decided that hey, cradle hold is the best position to feed!

Managed to get him back to bed at 7am, at which point it's time to make the toughest decision of the day – to nap or have me time. Chose the latter so went to have breakfast, defrosted fish for dinner, did some yoga and had a leisurely shower (mmm feels so good!). In between le 一粒 woke up for milk 😅 but all is good because he promptly fell asleep after.

Officially woke up well rested at 9am! 🎉🎉

Morning sleepy-eyed smile 💕

Shocked by his own fart 🤣

Early morning read

宝贝 took a nap at 1030am and woke up at 1120am just as I was about to join him after doing the laundry. 😩 Well, good timing I guess, since I was going to meet my colleagues at Vivocity for lunch at 1230pm and wanted him to sleep in the carrier.

He really 乖乖 slept all the way from 1215pm to 215pm and only wailed when he reached home (换衣都来不及, had to latch him in my undies 😏).

Oh, and I was super "lucky". Just as I was about to tuck into my avocado toast with scrambled eggs, a lion dance performance started at Sephora which is just outside the cafe. 😩 Guaguagua. Had to leave the cafe and escape outdoors to protect 一粒 from the dong dong qiang. Abandoned my lunch (and colleagues) for a good 15 mins before it finally ended. Gosh.

宝贝 was cranky again this afternoon. Started putting him down for a nap at 315pm and he was fussing a whole lot. Side latched him for a while because I was truly dozing off and it seemed to work but he suddenly woke up crying again. 😶 Ended up latching him by hovering over him (forearm plank style) so that I can avoid the transitioning of him from arm to bed (which usually wakes him up) and guess what, it worked! 🤣 (Time check: 430pm)

Howdy little feet! 😍


05:15 – 宝贝 only slept back at 1230am. 😶

Passed him to the husby around 11pm to coax to sleep while I tried to get some shut eye. Tried to ignore 一粒's eheh but it wasn't too long before the eheh turned into wails. Bobian boob to the rescue!

He next woke up at 210am, fell back asleep at 230am (phew) and is now awake since 5am. Let's hope he sleeps soon! 🤞🏻 我很想 💤💤.

Being cute at 1050pm 😅

Eyes opened so big how to sleep!

Favourite view at night 😬

一粒 woke up earlier than usual at 7plus am today and didn't take a nap till 1020am. 😶 Even so, it was a short nap lasting less than an hour.

Went to Anchorpoint to meet colleagues for lunch to get him to nap in the carrier. Ended up napping from 1215pm to 115pm, waking a little in between.

He became a little terror once we reached home though. 😶 A lot of scream crying and fussiness. Changing diaper, rocking, carrying, latching all didn't work. In fact he cried even harder when I tried to latch him on the right. It wasn't until I offered him the left boob that he was pacified.


Got difference ah baby???

Luckily he doze off at 330pm so that I could have a break. Though by the time I finished prepping for dinner and wanted to take a short nap, he was making noises in his sleep and I knew it wouldn't be long till he's up. 😶 果然 he woke up at 445pm. I think I only slept 10 mins max.


00:25 – 一粒 slept around 1130pm but I couldn't fall asleep because I was so hungry. Tossed and turned awhile before noming a big bowl of granola and now I am ready for bed! Hope I can squeeze in an hour of sleep before he wakes!🤞🏻

06:45 – No such luck! 宝贝 woke up at 1am, did a poop, slept about 2am, woke up again at 310am to poop, after which he fussed around and only slept back at 510am from side latching. He is now awake again at 610am. 😶 Is there any wonder why I am rapidly turning into a 🐼??

Managed to put 一粒 back to bed about 710am and he slept till 840am! ✌🏻 Just enough time for me to have breakfast, put lunch on the stove and do some yoga.

Super love interacting with him when he first wakes up for the day. He would be extremely generous with his smiles and would coo a whole lot. My happy baby! So adorbs can! 😍

Early morning read 🤓

"hmm what is this?"

"I like this duck!"

"This is a zebra?"

"ooooo cute rabbit!"

"This chicken looks tasty!"

It was a struggle getting him to take his first nap though. Started the nap routine at 920am after changing his poopy diaper and giving him a bath. He fell asleep at the boob a few times but every time I transition him to the bed he would open his eyes wide and look at me like I betrayed him. 😶 Only successfully got him to nap at 11am.

Klang style bah kut teh for lunch 🤤

Yumyum! Major satisfying and filling!

The lil boy who pooped on his clothes and peed on the floor. 🤣

一粒 woke up at 1235pm earlier. Tried to get him to take a nap at 115pm but at 230pm he was still latching. 😩 Any attempts to unlatch him were met with a wail. Gosh! Ended up side latching him because I was dozing off.

No idea if he slept at all but I woke up at 315pm with him trying to relatch. 😶

22:40 – So… 宝贝 didn't nap at all after 315pm and spent most of the time latching till he fell asleep at 715pm. He woke up at 950pm for milk, slept at 1030pm, but suddenly started crying really pitifullly in his sleep and woke up again. It's been another 20 mins and he is still wide awake. 😩

Omg baby, mama is tired and wants to sleep. Stop alternating between cranky and smiley pls!