Omg Dayre is back??? 😍😍
Is it is it!!!

"I am so excited!!!!"


Poor 宝贝 was feverish this morning. 38 degrees.

Gave him some paracetamol. Hope he feels better soon! He slept quite well last night, waking only at 4 – 4.5 hours intervals. Maybe it was the vaccine, or maybe it was because I let him sleep on my bed (the husby was relegated to another room since he was coughing) which was a lot more shiok than his tiny co-sleeper.

Temperature down to 37.4. 🤞🏻
Will give him another dose of paracetamol later.

宝贝 took a 2.5 hours nap till 1215pm earlier. In between he woke up for some milk and went back to sleep again.


Dayre, where are you?? 😩😭

I feel so lost without Dayre. I found myself involuntarily clicking into the app so many times yesterday, only to be met with the blue (fake) loading circle again and again.

Sigh. How can they take Dayre away from us without warning! 我还没有心理准备勒.

Luckily I exported my entries till 2nd Apr. Didn’t lose many days but still…

SIGH. Everything is different now.


Today we made our way to the polyclinic for 宝贝’s second dose of vaccination. Poor 宝贝 was so tired. He woke up at 7am and wasn’t able to take his nap since our appointment was at 9am. He actually fell asleep in the Tula when we were there but he got woken up by a bunch of excited screamy little girls. 😩

By the time it was our turn at 940am, he was already starving (last fed before 8am as we are not supposed to feed him an hour before taking the Rotavirus vaccine). We took the 5-in-1 and opted in for the Rotavirus and PCV. Le 宝贝 started screaming even before the jabs because he was so hungry. 😅 The nurses commented that he looks so good natured but when he cries.. “very fierce eh”. 😂

I think I am a bad mummy; can’t help laughing when he wailed until face red red when the jabs were administered. Oops. Like 幸灾乐祸. Luckily he stopped crying real fast after the 2nd jab and was all smiley again after I whisked him off to nurse.

宝贝 slept for 3 whole hours once we reached home.

Then he was ready to play!

All smiles 😍

He only went to bed 2.5 hours later. 😅 Either I am not catching his tired cues or he just has an abnormally long WT for a 13 week old.

Tbh, I don’t really feel like updating here at all. No feel leh… 😣

Dayre can you come back please…

Times 一粒 woke up last night:

Not bad imo! 4 hrs stretch then 2.5 hrs and 2 hrs..

Not planning to wean him off night feeds yet since he seemed genuinely starving every single time. If we even tried to change his diaper first… He would scream his head off. 😂

宝贝 only took his first nap at 955am. Tried getting him to nap at 830am (since he woke up at 710am) but failed. He was still alert and very awake but fussing a lot. In the end it was because he had to poop. It was such a poonami that it went all over his swaddle. 😩

宝贝 woke up at 1045am and fell back asleep till 11am when (I suspected) he got woken up by his farts. Another poopy diaper!

My happy boy 💕

He hasn't been napping very well. It's 3pm now and he had only taken two 1hr naps since he woke up at 710am. 😶 But he's still very cheerful so I shouldn't need to be too worried… Right?

Chatting with his toys


一粒 went back to his usual routine last night. Phew. Woke up at 220am and 5am. Note to self – to always change diaper at the 2am wake up since it's usually sufficiently wet by then and he can't fall asleep.

I always choose to side latch him at the 5am wake up as he would be far too awake to go back to sleep on his own. Better for my sanity too. 😴😴💤💤


Hello 宝贝!😍

宝贝 managed to self soothe for his first nap. Put him down at 840am and I knew there and then it would be successful cuz he was all zen with sleepy eyes. Took him awhile to fall asleep but there was zero crying/ whining.

He once again woke up at the 30 mins mark though.

Tried getting him to self soothe for the next nap at 11am but I think I got the WT wrong. He started fussing once I put him in the swaddle.

11:35 – Latching him to sleep now. It's been 15 mins at least. Something is a bit off. He seems to be choking on his saliva quite often and gagging. 🤔

宝贝 only slept for 10 mins at 1140am. 😩 He is wide awake now and not cranky so I decided to bring him out to play. Hope he takes his next nap properly. 🤞🏻

宝贝 was really cheerful, kept babbling away at his toys and flapping at them. Was staring at him the whole time hoping to catch any tired cues but eh, none even after 1.5hrs. 🤔

Decided to put him down for his nap at 135pm and he started fussing once I swaddled him. 😩 The fussing escalated to crying even though I was there the whole time. 😔 Self soothe thrown out the window. Had to play with him a little to settle him. Side latched him and he finally fell asleep at 205pm only to wake up 10mins later. Side latched again and he went back to sleep at 225pm. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

宝贝 only woke up at 415pm! Phew. He woke up in between but was able to self soothe back to sleep in 5 mins.

Tried to get 宝贝 to take a cat nap at 540pm but he only dozed off at 615pm and only for 10mins (again). Decided to put him down for BT then and he fell asleep at 650pm.

Dinner! Curry vegetables using leftover gravy from yesterday, pan fried salmon

Such a gorgeous gorgeous slab 😍


Last night.

Last night was bad.
一粒 woke up at 130am, 215am, 330am and 530am. 😩 Very long never like that le. 累死我.

Woke up officially at 730am.

Unglam wake up face 😁


Always raising his legs during tummy time

Put 宝贝 down for his nap at 845am but he is crying murder now. 😩 Why ah. I really don't understand why he can self soothe for a day and suddenly cannot do it the next. What happened 宝贝?

Relented and latched him to sleep at 915am. Let's try again later!

09:35 – only 20mins in and he is awake. 😔
Oh he pooped. 💩💩

Someone finally realises that he is holding something in his hands. 😁

Bee! 🐝🐝🐝

11:23 – Put 宝贝 down for 2nd nap at 10:50 when he started yawning but he is still awake now. 😩 He seemed all good till he started farting and got agitated. Aiyoh.

Latched him till he slept at 11:35.

宝贝 woke up at 12:35 and I side latched him and extended the nap till 13:10!

Lunch – leftover minced pork gravy over wheat noodles, served with my favorite 老干妈 chilli


Put 宝贝 down for his next nap at 2pm since he was all cranky. Latched him and just let him play on the bed while I left the room. It took 30mins before he started crying; he pooped. 💩

Changed his diaper and tried side latching him to sleep since it was way past his usual WT already. But le 宝贝 didn't want to nurse. And he did something so so adorable..

He looked up at me with puppy eyes and just keep smiling and cooing omg. Heart melts. I am a puddle!! 😍😍

Such moments really make everything worthwhile. 💕

Since he was in such a good mood, I slowly sneaked behind the pillows while he was babbling to himself. He started to whine a little but the whines slowly faded off into mews and.. he's asleep. At 3pm. 😁 Hurray!

15:53 – And he's up!
Side latched him and extended his nap till 530pm.

20:33 – 宝贝 took his bath after the nap and we have been coaxing him to sleep since 640pm. 😔 He just can't seem to fall asleep; even the usual latching doesn't work. In between he pooped and had two big spit ups. I think it's the orange I ate yesterday. 😩 Poor baby. Hope you feel better soon and hurry sleep!

Curry for dinner – missing tau pok and long beans because our Redmart delivery is super duper late

小大人 sleeping on our bed 😍

23:13 – Up for night feed!


Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

2255 (2308) – feed
0236 (0245) – feed
0530 (0630) – 💩 and had a hard time falling back to sleep so I side latched

Woke up officially at 8am! ☀️🔆☀️🔆

Put 宝贝 down for first nap at 0911 but it still took him a good 25mins to fall asleep. Maybe he wasn't tired because I didn't catch any tired cues, but he was yawning earlier; just 30 mins after waking up. 🤔 #confused

Could also be due to the construction noises though.

10:05 – And… He woke up at the 30mins mark. Like clockwork. I think he is just unable to connect the sleep cycles. I see his eyes fluttering awake, closing back, fluttering awake again, closing back… And suddenly he just gets startled and starts doing his leg lifts. 😶

Put 宝贝 down for his next nap at 1120am but it's now 12 and he is still whining and crying. 😔 Same WT as yesterday but why can't he fall asleep?

Latched him and put him down at 1205.

He is awake screaming just 5 mins later. 😩
Relatched and managed to get him back on the bed but he is still making small noises and cries once I removed my hand from his tummy. 😶

12:40 – aaah ok. This nap is not happening.

13:30 – Side latching 宝贝 now because I am desperate for him to nap. No idea what caused this "regression" since I didn't do anything differently from yesterday. He is farting a lot though. Maybe tummy troubles?

I must say I do enjoy side latching though.. minimal effort on my part and it is just so adorable to see him munching away with his eyes closed and *squeals* look at those chubby cheeks and small swaddled up hands placed cutely on my boob. 😍

宝贝 fell asleep at 140pm and woke up at 215pm

Latched him and he slept again from 250pm to 4pm. Think 宝贝 is really not feeling well. He puked 3 big mouthfuls of milk and his tummy looks really bloated. He was all smiley after puking though

Braised tau kwa with minced pork and egg, oyster sauce xiao bai cai

Om nom~

宝贝 took a cat nap from 530pm to 6pm. Tried to transition him to BT after that but like yesterday, he was just too alert and awake. Brought him out to play tried to put him to bed again 45mins later but someone just kept playing at the boob and looking around. 🙄

Since 宝贝 wasn't hungry, I decided to just put him into his cot but he started wailing immediately. Picked him up again, and just held him. He was strangely ok with it (he usually doesn't like to be held unless while nursing/ when already asleep), and was all contented babbling to himself and sucking his swaddled fist.

Was contemplating just holding him until he fall asleep but after 5 mins he got all squirmy so I just plonked him on our bed.

When he didn't cry, I hurriedly sneaked to the foot of the bed and observed him. He just whined and whined and…fell asleep (at 725pm). Yay!!

No idea if I am introducing another bad habit but err this lil boy seems to like sleeping on our bed. For all the naps that he successfully self soothed, it was done on our bed. Maybe it's way more comfortable than the co-sleeper? 🤔

22:00 – 宝贝 is awake! Super kancheong this baby! Was thumping his left fist on my chest while his mouth searched for the nips. 😂


Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

2146 (2207) – fed one side
2330 (2358) – diaper change + fed other side
0305 (0330) – full feed
0530 (not sure, I fell asleep first while he was self soothing 😶) – feed

Woke up at 725am to someone's grunts while he does his daily morning business. 😂

Modelling new clothes bought by mama

"I love it!"

Tummy time fun!

Put 宝贝 down for his nap at 825am but he took a good half an hour to self soothe. 😔 And he woke up at the 30mins mark again.

I didn't know it is so fun to dress up lil boys too 😍

Loving the small little yachts on the shorts!

Seems like he's trying to flip. Keeps getting into this position and being all angry.

Successfully self soothed again for his next nap at 1043am! Took just 13 mins this time. 👏🏻 Sadly he woke up less than 40 mins later at 1120am. Can't seem to figure out how to get him to take longer naps. 😶 Kept him in bed till 12 noon for nap extension before feeding him and he… Fell asleep. 😶 Decided to just let him nap and he slept from 1215pm to 1240pm (husby accidentally woke him up). He was cranky when he woke up, possibly still tired?

Colourful dumplings for lunch (+ cake) – dumplings were bought from Redmart. Not very yummy though.

Change of clothes again! His poop stained the other one. 😦

Whiny face

Put 宝贝 down for another nap at WT of 43mins since he was displaying tired cues. Took him only 7 mins to fall asleep and he slept for 40mins.

Seems like today is super a lot of naps day. 😂 Put 宝贝 down for next nap at 320pm (about 1h 10mins WT) but he wasn't able to self soothe. Latched him and put him down drowsy at 345pm. Fell asleep immediately.

宝贝 woke up at 435pm! Gave him a bathe and side latched him for the last nap of the day at 550pm. He woke up at 635pm and I quickly fed him and put him in bed within 20 mins but err.. this boy is still being all screamy, 20 mins later. Very perplexing leh. He doesn't even scream when I put him down for naps. Just whines. But BT? Totally different story.

In the end I brought him out at 730pm to play till 815pm (based on half WT in cot, WT before bed is 1h 15min). Latched him for just 5 mins and plopped him in his cot to self soothe. And.. it worked!

I guess poor baby was very confused why I tried to make him sleep so soon after he woke up. Shall see how the NWs are affected today.

Hainanese chicken rice for dinner!

Om nom~


Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

1105pm (1130pm) – 💩💩
2plus am (shortly after) – forgot to note down and can't remember exactly 😁
430am (448am)

宝贝 woke up officially at 710am and greeted the day with a poonami that stained his shorts, top and swaddle. And as if that wasn't enough mess for mama to clean up, he decided to do a golden shower just then. 😔 没办法 had to wake the husby up to help.

哈哈哈 小坏蛋 feeling all shiok.

My good boy managed to self soothe to sleep for his first nap at 9am! 💕 Took him a good half hour though. We probably put him down too late because he woke up a mere 35 mins later, indicating an overtired nap.

宝贝 self soothed again for his next nap at 1055am! But it was another 30 mins nap. I think I celebrated too soon. 😔 Side-latched him and managed to extend the nap till 1250pm, just enough time for me to finish lunch and wash up. 😁

不开心 when 姑姑 tried to get him to hold his own toy.

Lunch of kitsune udon – frozen instant food 加蛋

+ A slice of yesterday's cake 🤤

Ladies and Gentlemen, and… It's a strike!

宝贝 self soothed for the 3rd nap in a row at 215pm! Woke up in 20 mins though. He took so long to settle that he always became overtired even when I put him down at the right WT. 😶 Should I compensate for the downtime he need to self soothe then?

Side latched him once again and extended the nap till 430pm. Whoosh! 💪🏻

我的 Mr Baldy 😁

18:28 – Self soothing did not happen for the last nap. Die le. He is over tired now. Trying to get him to nap by latching but it's not working because he keeps unlatching to look at me as if to check I am still there and would smile/coo at me. 😶

Such a 不三不四 to timing for a nap now.

Bedtime is going to be a disaster.

He only slept at 715pm. By latching. 😔

Teochew fish porridge to use up leftover rice

Perfect for rainy days like today!

Om nom~


Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

1042pm (1056pm)
227am (240am)
0510am (…)

I think he is finally learning to sleep longer stretches. 🤞🏻🤞🏻We both woke up at 750am after sidelatching.



In the morning 💕

And… Cheeks!! 😍

Made lunch for my in-laws 😊

Peanut pork ribs soup, ketchup prawns, stir fried kai lan

宝贝 took a 2.5 hours nap from 1130am just now. That was not the most surprising part; he did it on his own. 😱😱 He was so cranky before that, cried when I latched/ rocked him so I just put him on my bed and left the room and ten minutes later.. concussed. 😶

It's a one-off thing though. Must be too tired after playing with grandparents for a whole hour. Is that what it takes?? Tire him out then bam! Awesome naps.

Celebrating our (belated) birthdays. 3 March babies in the family (me + husby + mil) with pretty cake from mysisterbakes 😍 –

Loving the pastel colours!

Not too sweet! So hard to stop at one slice. 🤤

With grandparents

My little family 💕💕

Husby rocked 宝贝 to bed around 340pm. He woke up briefly at 406pm but went back to sleep till 544pm after I latched him.

Tried to get him to bed within 40 mins after he woke up but he doesn't seemed to be sleepy at all. 😶 Doesn't want to sleep and kept playing while latching. In the end I had to latch him to sleep at 730pm.


Times 一粒 woke up/ (slept back) last night:

1250am (110am)
320am (342am)
550am (…)

Yesterday was such a good night (by my low low standards). He had a 4 plus hours stretch (unheard of!) after falling asleep at bed time before waking twice at 2.5hrs intervals. 😍 Side latched him at 550am thinking that he would wake up to poop soon anyway but he lasted till 740am! 太开心了啦!!!

Throwing tantrum 😶

Latched him in the end and he slept from about 920am to 10am.

Cute sightings this morning 😍

Met friends for lunch at Merci Marcel!

My scrambled eggs 😍

Food here is generally not bad and service is pretty good.

Thank goodness 宝贝 slept throughout the waiting and most of the lunch. Was so afraid that he would be cranky since he barely slept during his 11am nap.

Blur face after waking up 😁

宝贝 napped from 330pm to 530pm earlier. Must be tired from the outing! Wanted to put him down for EBT but the grandparents are here from KL so… #conflicted. Decided to let him play with them instead but paid dearly for it at bedtime. 😔 Cried and screamed and only slept at 8pm after I latched him. 😶

At least they had fun? 😊